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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is On-Site Furniture Assembly Service?

    An on-site furniture assembly service involves professionals coming to your home, business, or institution to assemble items that you've purchased, like RTA (Ready-To-Assemble) furniture, fitness machines (treadmills and home gyms), game tables (a table tennis or foosball table) and sports equipment (trampolines and portable basketball hoops) and more! We bring the necessary tools and expertise to ensure proper assembly.

  2. Why should I consider using On-Site Assembly Service?

    On-site Assembly Services save you time and effort by letting our experienced AMT's (Assembly Master Technicians) handle complex and time-consuming furniture assembly. We ensure precise assembly, reducing the risk of damage or incorrect setup that will support your product's maximum life span.

  3. What types of furniture can be assembled on-site?

    Most types of furniture that are called "Flat-Pack" RTA (Ready-To-Assemble) furniture, including large items like beds, wardrobes, wall beds, sofas, desks, cabinets and much more, can be assembled on-site in the same room they will be used. Our service is suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.

  4. How do I schedule On-Site Assembly Service?

    Contact us by clicking "GET A FREE QUOTE HERE", or call us toll-free at 1-888-782-3876. Provide complete details about your items (make, model, article number) and your location. Once we provide you with a quote and you're ready to schedule your service, we'll offer a convenient appointment for the Assembly Service and do our best to accommodate your schedule.

  5. Do I need to provide any tools or equipment?

    No, our professional Assembly Technicians bring all the necessary tools and equipment to complete the assembly efficiently and correctly.

  6. Is there a warranty or guarantee for the assembled furniture?

    We provide a 30-Day workmanship warranty on all item that are new in the box, that we assemble for you. If there are any issues that are a direct result of the assembly process, we will address them accordingly.

  7. How long does the assembly process usually take?

    The time required depends on the complexity and size of the assembly project. Smaller items might be assembled in les time, while larger pieces might take several hours. We can usally provide you with an estimated time frame based on your EXACT items to be assembled.

  8. Is there anything I need to do before the assembly team arrives?

    Clear the area where the furniture will be assembled to provide enough space for the Assembly Technician to work. Ensure that the room is accessible and well-lit. Be sure to have all the boxes located in the same room or area you would like to have your items assembled prior to the arrival the the Assembly Technician.

  9. What happens if a part is missing or damaged?

    If a part is missing or damaged out of the box, we can work with you to resolve the issue by either providing a replacement part (if we have the general hardware available) or to help you obtain the most appropriate solution for your situation. Most Customer's can just reach out to the seller or manufacturer for any specific part(s) that may be defective or damaged to be replaced, then once the replacement part are received, we can return to complete the assembly for a reasonable trip fee (based on location).

  10. What form of payment do you accept?

    For the security and convenience of our customers, we accept most major credit and debit cards for payment. We do not accept cash or checks in the field (some acceptations may apply). Our Assembly Technicians in the field will have a detailed work order for you to review and sign. They will also provide you with a copy of the work order as a receipt.

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